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National Geographic Live 2015-16

2016/17 National Geographic Live Series now on sale!

Join us for our sixth season with National Geographic’s boldest and brightest as they share awe-inspiring stories and images of their quest to unearth, explore, and document the world’s wonders.

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Charlie Hamilton James image

I Bought A Rainforest

Charlie Hamilton James,
Wildlife Photojournalist

Sun Oct 16, 2pm
Mon Oct 17, 8pm
Tue Oct 18, 8pm

Photojournalist Charlie Hamilton James recounts his odyssey from owning a Peruvian rainforest to covering the wildlife of Yellowstone and the Serengeti.

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Kenny Broad image

The Risky Science of Exploration

Kenny Broad,
Diver and Environmental Anthropologist

Sun Jan 29, 2pm
Mon Jan 30, 8pm
Tue Jan 31, 8pm

Kenny Broad finds a surprising amount to laugh about as he shares stories of his triumphs, tragedies, and just plain weird experiences from cave diving in Cuba to tracking venomous snakes across Vietnam.

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Lee Berger image

The Mystery of our Human Story

Lee Berger

Sun Mar 26, 2pm
Mon Mar 27, 8pm
Tue Mar 28, 8pm

In 2013, in the remote Rising Star cave system near Johannesburg, South Africa, paleoanthropologist Lee Berger discovered a new species of human ancestor that is changing our understanding of human evolution.

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Ami Vitale image

Rhinos, Rickshaws, and Revolutions

Ami Vitale,

Sun May 14, 2pm
Mon May 15, 8pm
Tue May 16, 8pm

Photojournalist Ami Vitale has gone to tremendous lengths to capture the power of the human spirit even in the face of adversity. Hear about her evolution from covering war zones to reintroducing white rhinos and pandas to the wild.

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Photos: Photo #1 by Wes Skiles; Photo #2 (Alberto's macaw) by Charlie Hamilton James; Photo #3 (Kenny Broad) byWes Skiles; Photo #4 (Mystery Man) by Mark Thiessen; Photo #5 (Man with rhino) by Ami Vitale.

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